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About Sarah & Kate


Sarah & Kate

Certified Baby Sleep Consultants

Sarah is a mama to two boys, wife to a pharmacist, a dual-certified pediatric acute and primary care nurse practitioner as well as a certified breastfeeding counselor. She currently works full time in a pediatric primary care practice. She has devoted 13 years to working with pediatric patients. “I realized how much of a better and happier mom I was when I had a good night’s sleep. I want that for every parent. We have enough things on our plate, sleep deprivation doesn’t have to be one of them!"

Kate is a firefighter wife, mama to two girls, and is a family nurse practitioner. She currently works full time as a trauma nurse practitioner and works with all ages from young to old. She has experience working in the NICU and ER and has cared for patients for 13 years. “I love the baby and toddler stage with the constant growth and development that occurs so rapidly during this time. Researching and teaching myself how to provide my children with good sleep practices has allowed me to be a better wife, mom, and co-worker. I want every parent to have access to a good nights sleep!"

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